We help affiliate marketers achieve their goals and earn money online, by presenting the best excellent digital tools for your affiliate marketing in 2022.
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StartFromHereNow.com is hosted on the platform of our mother company NoahProductions.net

NoahProductions is a legal Dutch company

A platform for worldwide communication, advertising & promotion, affiliate marketing, culinar & artistic activities and investment projects.
A global network of know-how and investigation.
The company is part of a global marketing network and is working in the field of Affiliate Marketing and Advertising since 1993. They started working on the internet in 2001, in the broader field of Internet Marketing.


Is recently created and our primary goal is to help affiliate marketers achieve their goals and earn money, by offering them various excellent tools, either for business or personal development. We furthermore present different kind of projects on digital platforms, like internet marketing, affiliate marketing, advertising, promotion, social media and artistic activities.

Below, we are presenting you, what you can find on our website.

Affiliate Marketing and Affiliates

What you will really need as an affiliate marketer.

With the Internet at your disposal, being in the affiliate marketing industry is no longer difficult. It is lot easier now than it was in the past, when people had to rely on telephones and other forms of communication to acquire the most up-to-date information on how their program was progressing.
Every affiliate marketer nowadays is always on the lookout for the most profitable market. They sometimes believe it is a magic recipe that is easily accessible to them.
Actually, it's a little more complicated. It's merely smart marketing strategies that have been proved through many years of dedication and hard work.

There are several strategies that have worked in the past with internet marketing and continue to work today in the field of online affiliate marketing.
You will be able to increase your sales and survive in affiliate marketing online if you follow these top three marketing tips.

1). Using distinct web pages to promote each product you're selling.

Don't just throw everything together to save money on web hosting. It is best to establish a website that focuses solely on each product and nothing else.
Always add product reviews on your website so that visitors can get a sense of what the product can do for those who buy it. Include user testimonials from people who have tried the product. Make certain that these consumers are happy for you to utilize their names and images on the website for the product you're selling.
You can also write articles showcasing the product's features and add them to the website as a separate page. Make the pages appealing and intriguing, and incorporate calls to action. Each headline should entice people to read more and even contact you. Make a point to emphasize your unique qualities. This will assist your viewers in understanding the page's purpose and pique their interest in learning more.

2). Provide your visitors with free reports or free gifts.

If at all feasible, put them at the very top of your website so they can't be missed. Create autoresponder messages to send to those that fill out your sign-up form with their personal information. A transaction is frequently closed on the seventh contact with a prospect, according to studies.

With just a web page, just two things may happen: a closed transaction or the prospect leaving the page and never returning. You may remind them of the thing they thought they wanted later by sending valuable information to their inboxes at a set interval, and you'll discover out that the deal has ended. Make sure the material is tailored to specific reasons for purchasing the product. Make sure it doesn't sound like a sales pitch.

Concentrate on key aspects such as how your product will make life and things easier and more fun. In the email, use compelling subject lines. Avoid using the term "free" as much as possible because some spam filters still throw those types of messages into the trash before anyone has a chance to read them. Persuade those who signed up for your free reports that if they don't use your products and services, they will be losing out on something significant.

3). Attract the right kind of traffic for your product.

Consider this: if a visitor to your website has no interest in what you have to offer, they will be among those who leave and never return. Write articles for e-zines and e-reports to be published. This manner, you can find publications that cater to your target audience, and what you've written might just pique their interest.
Try to write at least two articles every week, each of which should be between 300 and 600 words long. By writing and maintaining these articles on a regular basis, you can attract up to 100 targeted visitors to your site in a single day.

Always keep in mind that just one out of every 100 people will buy your product or use your services. Based on the typical data, if you can get 1,000 targeted hits for your website in a day, you can make 10 purchases.

Excellent Digital Tools

We provide you the tools that you will need.

In our section Excellent Digital Tools, that you can find in our main menu, we provide you with the most excellent digital tools, that you can use to implement the top three marketing tips that we mentioned above.

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Affiliate Masterclass

Skyrocket your Online Earnings with our Affiliate Masterclass!!

You will find valuable information and tips that you probably never heard of!

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AffiliateBook - our social media

Tired of Facebook, Instagram & Twitter selling your data?

You reached the right place!
Join AffiliateBook ... our social media.
It's just like facebook, only MUCH BETTER.
You can create groups, invite friends, advertise and so on!!
The best thing: You are never going to be censored here!
As long as you abide by the simple terms and conditions.

Start From Here Now with our AffiliateBook
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Our Traffic Deal

Drive Millions of visitors to your ads or website.

Start From Here Now with Our Traffic Deal to drive Millions of visitors to your ads or website.
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This is one of my most favorite video & music productions ever.

It is about all of us ... all the different kinds of people in the whole world,
like us, for example, affiliate marketers ...

We as affiliate marketers, need some time to relax ...

Therefore, I created a special music webpage, that will open in a new window.
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